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Speed Up Your Food Prep With Mandolines and Slicers

Chopping and slicing food by hand is a time-consuming process that slows down your ability to get meals on the table quickly. Whether cooking is your passion or you only cook a couple times a week, you want to make each move in the kitchen as efficient as possible. Instead of trying to cut your vegetables with a sharp knife, go for the mandoline instead. Want to take last night's roast and turn it into sandwiches for the week? Pull out the meat slicer and cut that roast into thin slices that release their flavor with each and every bite. Mandolines and slicers make your job in the kitchen easier, help you create consistent results, and let you get the most out of your food. There's nothing wrong with cutting food by hand, but unless you have years of experience with a knife, you're going to work harder to get a certain type of cut. Check out HSN's highly curated collection of mandolines and slicers to eliminate the visual guesswork that comes with cutting by hand. You'll have more time for food preparation, get slices that are the perfect thickness, and get the best results every time you cook.