Colanders & Strainers


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Easily Rinse and Filter Your Food

Strainers and colanders have an essential place for washing produce, preparing bountiful salads, and cooking noodle-based dishes. For all sorts of jobs, from straining angel hair spaghetti to washing bright bell peppers or delicate blueberries, a durable metal colander with a stand is a great investment. Another valuable purchase is a hand strainer with a fine mesh, used for washing grains, like rice, or pulses, like lentils, or for filtering the pulp out of a fruit smoothie. HSN sells salad spinners for washing your greens, easily whisking away the water, then perfectly mixing in other bright veggies like tomato slices and carrot slivers. Salad spinners may be multifunctional, with the slots for draining away water doubling as a guideline for chopping veggies into even strips when flipped over. Have you ever held the lid or a plate against a pot to strain out the extra water? If you don't spill, you might be left with excess water. Buy a clip-on strainer that attaches right to the edge of the pot and removes the need for straining trickery - what a great invention! If your kitchen storage is tight for space but you still want all the bells and whistles, you can even buy a collapsible colander made of plastic and rubber.