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Transport Yourself to Luxury With Perlier

In this curated collection of Perlier items, you'll discover luxurious beauty and health products sourced from botanical gardens in Italy. The Perlier brand is a family business, and this love and attention to detail shows in the quality of their offerings. The mother and son team brings HSN shoppers bath and beauty products that deliver the luxury of Italian gardens to your home. Shop a range of products made with care, from lip balms to skin care to soaps and more. Transport yourself to Italy and indulge in the scents and comforts of these sumptuous daily rituals. Looking for a way to add something special to your everyday routine? Perlier beauty products will make you feel elegant, no matter the occasion. Trying to find a unique gift for a loved one? Hand creams and butters in the selection of Perlier health and fitness products make a thoughtful present. Of course, Perlier products make a great gift for yourself, too, so pamper yourself with these alluring items. Shop the HSN collection today and let yourself embrace the luxury and beauty Perlier brings you. You'll take a trip to Italy every day when you use these creams and balms, all without leaving your home.