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Learn New Skills With Craft Books and Craft Software

Get inspired and complete projects with craft books and craft software. Shop coloring books and instructional volumes at HSN. Focus on knitting techniques to create specific pieces including cowls, rugs, and mittens. Books offer step-by-step instructions and illustrations. Books also offer drawing lessons and pin loom knitting ideas. If paper crafting is your favorite hobby, browse beginner and advanced origami books. You can also learn to crochet, sew, and sculpt with clay with craft books. Quilters can buy craft books that offer designs for beginners and experienced sewers. You'll also find adult coloring books and professional-quality pencils and markers. If you prefer to watch how-to videos, check out HSN's collection of craft DVDs. Follow on-screen instructions that walk you through box and card making projects and painting. If you use your crafting skills in the kitchen, look for books on cake decorating and cake pop designs. You'll also find craft software that's compatible with Singer Futura embroidery machines. Upload multi-hoop designs, cross-stitch, and Auto Punch embroidery templates to your Futura machine from CD-ROMS. Enhance your sewing and knitting skills with new techniques and craft design software. Shop craft books and craft software now.