Fruit & Vegetable Tools


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Turn Your Produce Into a Work of Art

Fruits and veggies should fill an abundant role in our diet. Why not shop HSN for some handy tools for peeling, slicing, and dicing them? Whether you're coring and wedging an apple for an afternoon snack or creating delicate tomato rose accent spirals for a special dinner, there is a tool that can make your life easier and your food presentation more creative. A very useful tool is an adjustable mandoline slicer, which you can use to make julienned zucchini noodles and waffle-cut sweet potato fries. HSN sells many specialized tools, from apple peelers and melon ballers to strawberry corers and corn zippers. You can even find the exact tool for destoning notoriously tricky mangoes and avocados. When it comes to citrus fruits, you can buy a multipurpose tool to grate up zest to complement savory dishes and make citrus curls to top off mixed drinks. That's not all you can do with citrus. Get a citrus sprayer that inserts right into the fruit for a fine mist of lemon on your salad straight from the source. Fruit and vegetable tools may be small and handheld or available as stand-up models with a nonskid bottom. Some tools may even come with an accompanying recipe booklet.