Grilling Tools


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Be the Queen or King of the Grill

Grilling is the epitome of summertime cooking, with fantastic menu items such as beef patties, eggplant parmesan, and pineapple. Whether you just need a great new spatula for the season or an entire grilling tool kit, HSN supplies what you are looking for. Grilling tools may be sold individually but are more commonly sold in a set and may come with a recipe booklet. Starting with the basics, there are several models of grilling spatulas, including flat and slotted spatulas, and grilling tongs, which may have a serrated edge. Other accessories may include a heat resistant mitt, a grill fork, or a grill knife for slicing up cuts of barbecue right at the grill. If you're shopping for specialty accessories, consider a grilling platter, which prevents smaller pieces of food from falling through and eliminates the need for foil. For the gourmet grill chef, imagine all the exquisitely flavored meals you can make with hickory smoked grilling chips. To keep your grill clean, invest in a motorized grill cleaning brush and a durable grill cover to protect from the elements. If you're really serious about grilling, did you know you can get a grill chef apron with pockets for all these important utensils and get a personalized spatula, too?