• Philips TurboStar AirFryer Accessory Bundle

$89.95 or 4 payments of $22.49
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  • Philips AirFryer Double-Layer Rack

$29.95 or 3 payments of $9.98
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  • Philips AirFryer Nonstick Baking Dish

$39.95 or 3 payments of $13.32
  • Philips TurboStar AirFryer Grilling Pan

$29.95 or 3 payments of $9.98
  • Bella 3.5-Liter Deep Fryer

  • Salton Compact Deep Fryer

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  • Simply Ming The Healthy Fry Ceramic Nonstick Air Fryer

$189.95 or 3 payments of $63.32
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  • Simply Ming Air Fryer Ceramic Nonstick Popcorn Maker

$19.95 $39.95 or 4 payments of $4.99
  • Philips Avance AirFryer XL with MealEasy & Recipes

$299.95 $399.95 or 3 payments of $99.98
  • Elite Platinum 3.5qt. Glass Deep Fryer with Timer
  • Hamilton Beach 19-Cup Professional-Style Deep Fryer
  • Hamilton Beach 21-Cup Professional-Style Deep Fryer

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Electric Fryers

Take your kitchen to the next level with premium deep fryers from HSN. Whether you're a beginner chef or a seasoned pro, you'll enjoy using these well-made appliances. A standalone electric fryer has many advantages over stovetop frying. Equipped with built in thermometers, these amazing appliances allow you to cook at the perfect temperature every time. Designed to heat up quickly and make cleanup a breeze, a home deep fryer will have you preparing restaurant quality dishes in no time.

Looking for a healthier alternative to the traditional deep fryer? Browse air fryers from this incredible collection. These modern units circulate ultra hot air around your food and produce a similar result without the added oil.

Save space on your stove top to prepare delicious sides while you crisp up fried chicken or fish in one of these marvelous machines. Shop today and discover a useful and adaptable kitchen accessory.