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Keep Your Toes Warm in a Pair of Fluffy Slippers

If you're one of those people with perpetually cold feet, now is the time to do something about it. Instead of feeling cold or freezing your partner by putting your frozen feet on their legs, grab a pair of cozy slippers to keep your toes warm all winter long. Slippers come in all types of styles and designs, from simple house slippers to shoe-like options with hard soles. A pair of moccasin-style slippers always feels great, and you might be able to get away with wearing them outside the house. Knit slippers complement your favorite sweater, while plaid slippers are perfect with your holiday pajamas. When you don a pair of warm slippers, you might reduce your chances of coming down with a cold or the flu. As surprising as this may be, when your toes get too cold, the blood vessels can constrict in your nose. This can reduce your body's ability to fight illness, so it's worth wearing cozy slippers. Setting a slippers-only policy in your home can also reduce the bacteria that can be tracked in on the bottoms of your shoes. Find your perfect pair of cozy slippers at HSN.