Laundry Care


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Just Add Water

HSN has almost everything you need to keep your laundry smelling as fresh as the day you brought it home from the store. From laundry soap and soda to unique and beautifully scented dryer aids, the only thing you will need to add is the hot or cold water. Our selection of all-natural laundry care products is mindful of the most sensitive skin, ensuring that you and your family have clean clothes that are never uncomfortable or irritating. The natural ingredients in these products are also environmentally friendly and work with your high-efficiency washing machines, making them the perfect combination of practicality and environmental consciousness. You can keep that fresh from the dryer smell with you for a long time with the help of scented dryer balls, sticks, and dryer eggs. Add cedar rings to your closet hangers for added freshness. Don't trust your heirlooms and delicate fabrics to anything but the best. We have fine fabric care products that will treat your special treasures with the love and care they deserve. Let us help you make your laundry care a pleasant part of your household chores. Keep your clothes clean and your closets smelling fresh with our selection of laundry soap and fabric care products.