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Improve Your Home Bartending Artistry

Whether you simply like a drink after work or you love planning extravagant dinner parties, having the right at-home bartending tools will give the drink you're sipping sophistication and appreciation. Starting with wine, HSN has all the necessities, including an ample selection of corkscrews and decanters available in standard or electric models. An elegant glass decanter is a beautiful look to enhance the appeal of serving wine. Keep your wine chilled in a stainless steel tub or a sleek tabletop carafe. For home brewing enthusiasts, HSN sells several types of craft beer and hard cider brewing kits. You can also buy your very own draft beer tap to ensure the perfect foam and enhanced taste for your home brew or even beer from a can. Mixologists whose drink of choice is a fancy cocktail should have a large cocktail shaker to make a generous concoction to share with family and friends. For decadent cocktails, use a multifunction microplane tool that can zest, muddle, strain, and curl citrus garnishes. For an enchanting finishing touch, consider spherical ice molds for the appealing look of a bauble in your glass. Serve your beverage in a crystal tumbler and rest it on a glass coaster in between delicious sips.