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The Right Skillet Can Make You a Superstar in the Kitchen

It's time to update your skillets. Don't get rid of all your current ones—especially any seasoned cast iron pieces. Dedicated cooks periodically toss their wobbly, worn-out pans. Replacing them is a treat because now you know your cooking style, the cuisines you prefer, and the foods you cook most often. Take your time picking out items you'll use the most. Splurge on an entire cookware set to get pots and pans for every purpose. Consider what kind of frying pans you want. Cast iron is king in the kitchen. Opt for a traditional black pan or choose one with a colorful enamel coating to add a bright pop to your decor. You can do almost anything in cast iron, from frying chicken to making crepes, once it's seasoned and smooth. It's also oven-safe, which is convenient. Stainless steel fry pans get hot quickly and retain heat beautifully, plus they're safe to go in the oven, too, as long as the lids are steel. Look for pans with copper bottoms for additional heat retention. Don't forget to throw in a few specialty tools, such as a pan for stir-frying or sautéing. With HSN's convenient payment plans, you can outfit your entire kitchen with the skillets you've always wanted.