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Invite Your Friends and Family for a Backyard Cookout

Summer is the best time of year for outdoor entertaining. The nights are long and warm, and friends and family gather for outdoor parties and summer cookouts. Having the proper outdoor kitchen essentials can help you have a fantastic night of summer cooking and entertaining. Portable gas grills are a great way to serve up grilled foods for summer picnics. With no messy charcoal or smelly fluid to fuss with, gas grills and griddles make summer cooking fun and easy. Keep grill accessories and covers handy. Make sure to stock up on pantry essentials to add zing to your grilled foods. Check out HSN's assortment of delicious frozen packs of high-quality seafood and meats that are full of flavor. Just throw them on the grill, add a few condiments, and you are good to go! With a vast array of summer cooking and entertaining essentials at HSN, you can find foods, cookbooks, and storage containers to help with your outdoor entertaining. Look for tables and carts to help with your prep work. Of course, you will need plenty of cookware and utensils to feed your guests. Stock up on all of your outdoor entertaining and summer cooking supplies at HSN and enjoy the long, lovely days of summer!