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Find Your Favorite Amazon Products for Whole-House Connectivity

Whether you like playing games, listening to music, or a little of both, you can make your entire house an entertainment hub with the latest Amazon devices. If you'd love to have your own assistant to help you make a shopping list, manage your calendar, tell you the latest sports scores, turn on your music, set a reminder, or read you a book while you're doing chores, meet Amazon Echo. This virtual assistant is always on and waiting for your chosen wake-up word. Then you just say your command and Echo is ready to help. Whether you enjoy reading, surfing the web, listening to music, updating your social media, or watching videos, Amazon electronics have you covered. Select the Fire and you'll get a powerful yet compact tablet that can handle all these tasks and more. If playing games is more your thing, the Amazon Fire TV game controller is the perfect addition to your game room. Just plug this controller in and you'll find HD gameplay everyone in the family will enjoy. When you incorporate these popular Amazon products in your home, you'll enjoy the ease and fun of connectivity like never before.