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Grow Your Garden with HSN’s Gardening Products

Whether you’re a budding hobbyist or master gardener, the right gardening supplies can make or break your carefully cultivated landscape. Fortunately, we offer an array of gardening products and accessories to give you everything your green thumb needs. Stock up on supporting hook sets, hanging planter baskets, and decorative flower pots for growing this season’s annuals and perennials. Short on space? Grow the vegetables you love with Topsy Turvy sets designed to hang growing tomatoes and herbs on the smallest patios. We even offer effective fertilizer kits to create that lush, green garden of your dreams. Planting your flowers and vegetables is the fun part, but when it comes to keeping them watered, you need straightforward gardening accessories that won’t leave you high and dry. Our highly-rated products include collapsible rain barrels, heavy-duty garden hoses, multi-pattern spray nozzles, power sprayers, and mobility tools to make garden maintenance easier. Save space with collapsible yard carts, save time with automatic watering systems, and protect your favorite plants with pop-up greenhouses. No matter your gardening needs, HSN has the solutions you didn’t even know you were looking for. Shop our extensive gardening collection to ensure you’re ready for next season.