Painting Kits


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Pick Out the Perfect Paint Set to Get Inspired

Every artist who prefers the brush needs a quality paint set. That's the beauty of a kit, in fact: in general, it includes both the brushes and the paint. The question is, what kind of painting do you want to do? More specifically, what do you want to paint? You can use watercolors on a traditional art canvas, for example, but only after you prep it. Similarly, different types of paint work best with specific brushes. You can't just throw chalk paint on watercolor paper and hope for the best, so always have an idea and game plan in mind. Do you want to paint a picture, even though you're not very experienced? We have painting kits that are perfect for you. Snag a colorful paint-by-numbers kit that shows you what to do and which colors to use for every aspect of the picture. You'll learn techniques as you go. Want to make an old picture frame look like a million dollars? Distress it using a kit with a specially chosen color palette. For convenience, think about an art paint set with an easel that doubles as a carrying case. HSN celebrates every type of artist. Uncover a kit that reveals your hidden talents.