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Create Fun and Cool Designs With Stencils from HSN

Use your imagination and the tools from HSN to create fun stenciling projects. Whether you want to add fun designs to your children's playroom or add your last name to your mailbox, a stencil set will get you started on your next project. If you already have the paint or markers for your project, just buy the stencils. If you're starting from scratch, the whole set will get you going quickly. Stenciling adds a little fun to a kid's playroom or bedroom. Stencil your baby's name on the wall with letter stencils for a personalized nursery project. If you want a glam style, fill in the name with gold or silver paint. If you want something less glitzy, fill in the letters with an accent color for the room. Stenciling works to add sophistication to a room as well. Use trendy designs to stencil in your studio, guest room, or home office. HSN has tools to create fun projects to fit different styles. Let your imagination run wild and change up a room or add words or a design to a canvas, mailbox, room, or garage. Whether you want something simple or complex, HSN has the supplies to do it.