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Enjoy the Perfect Flow of Power with Power Strips, Extension Cords, and More

Upgrade the way you manage power in your home with our collection of handy accessories designed to enhance your outlets. If you want to transform the way you manage the outlet altogether, install a smart plug. These let you monitor power and turn products on and off easily with the appropriate app. WiFi enabled outlets put complete home control and customization in the palm of your hand. Smart switches offer similar functionality, giving you the ability to virtually flip switches in your home using the appropriate app. Are you running out of outlets for all your electronics? We carry power strips in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Use a bundled surge protector to plug all your essentials into a single place and keep them safe from the hazards of sudden electrical surges. Pivoting power strips, lengthy extension cords, and more make it possible to plug in anywhere that you might need to. The placement of your outlets doesn't need to determine how you plug in or control your home. With our collection of handy power strips, extension cords, and outlet upgrades, you can easily reconfigure your energy use. Shop HSN today.