Light Bulbs


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Illuminate Your Life with the Right Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are more than just a functional necessity. They're a decorative addition to your home that can dramatically enhance the ambiance in your living space. With the right bulbs, you can replace a yellow glare with a clean white light, or add a dim romantic ambience where you'd otherwise have an overly bright space. From task lighting to wall sconces, you'll find something for every need in our extensive collection of light bulbs. Our LED lights will help you minimize energy consumption well enhancing home safety. LED bulbs burn cooler than incandescent lights. They use far less electricity that an incandescent bulb would, and offer an impressive lifespan. Though you may invest slightly more upfront, this lighting innovation will pay you back. Focus your home lighting just where you want it with a spot light, or channel the powerful illumination of a flood light. We even offer mini power pods that you can pop in drawers, cabinets, and other handy places so you're never stuck in the dark. Light up your home in a fresh new way with our efficient light bulbs. Check out the extensive line available from HSN today.