Lighting & Electrical


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Enhance Your Space in an Instant With Powerful Lighting and Electrical Supplies

The electronics and lighting in your home play a vital role in its ambiance, efficiency, and usefulness. With the right installations, you can enjoy a space that's brightly lit and well-equipped for everything on your agenda. We have an extensive collection of electrical supply products to help you outfit every room for your entertainment and convenience. Use a flexible power strip or neat modern extension cord to get the power you need in the perfect spot for your home's setup. Enjoy enhanced control over your lights and other electronics with smart plugs and wireless light switches. You can keep complete home control in the palm of your hand with smart Wi-Fi enabled devices that are controlled via associated apps. When you want a more traditional approach to targeted lighting solutions, turn to our collection of modern flashlights, night lights, and light bars. We have solutions you can tuck into a drawer, install along the floor boards, stick in your purse, or implement outside. From head lamps to work lights, there's something to light up any activity. You'll find all the lighting and electrical solutions you need in the extensive collection of home improvement solutions at HSN.