Stick Vacuums


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Stick Vacuums Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Fresh

Dust and dirt settle on your bare floors every day. Dustpans and brooms clean large debris off your floor. Don't you hate that line of soil the dustpan always leaves behind? Stick vacuums won't leave dust behind and make regular cleaning fast and easy. Brush rollers pick up hair and lint. Long handles let you vacuum hard to reach crevices and under the kitchen table. Lightweight designs allow you to move quickly across the floor. Powerful suction picks up crumbs, pet hair, and dander. Models with removable handheld vacuums take care of small messes effortlessly. If your drawers and cabinets are full of crumbs and dirt, just grab the handheld to clean them out. You can store your dishware and pots and pans in a clean dust-free space. Vacuum around the appliances on your countertop with the handheld too. Cordless stick vacuums add the convenience of vacuuming anywhere without worrying about finding an outlet. Wall mounts keep your stick vacuum always within easy reach. For everyday dusting and light cleaning, try a cordless sweeper. Shop HSN's full line of stick vacuums and keep your floors dust free. Browse brands including Hoover and Prolux.