Canister Vacuums


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Breeze Through Cleaning Day With a Lightweight Canister Vacuum

Dragging around a heavy vacuuming makes cleaning a chore. Try a canister vacuum to save time and hassle. Use a lightweight canister vac to move quickly around your house to clean floors and carpets. Canister vacuums maneuver around furniture effortlessly so you'll finish each room in no time. Rechargeable cordless models allow you to clean anywhere even if there's no power outlet in sight. A backpack canister vac lets you move from room to room even faster. A canister vacuum also makes quick work of area rugs, stairs, and tight spaces. Use your lightweight vacuum to clean kitchen messes too. Choose a wet-dry cannister vac to keep your garage clean and dry. Canister vacuums come with long hoses and telescoping wands to reach under beds and freshen curtains and drapes. Brushes and crevice tools help you clean between your sofa cushions too. Save money on bag refills with a bagless canister vacuum. Never waste time changing a bag again. Just empty the dirt bin over your garbage can, and you're ready to keep cleaning. If you suffer from pet dander or other allergies, try a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Get cleaning day done in a flash. Shop cannister vacuums now.