Handheld Vacuums


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A Hand Vacuum Can Clean Small Spills and Tight Spaces in a Flash

When you spill coffee grounds or cereal in the kitchen, you dread dragging out your full-size vacuum for such a small job. Paper towels won't cut it, and you don't need your mop either. Save yourself some hassle and get a handheld vacuum that's easy to store and use. Grab your mini vacuum and clean up little messes quickly. Portable vacuums have powerful suction to get your floors and surfaces clean. Hand vacuums clean your living room sofa and chairs in a snap too. When was the last time you vacuumed between your car seats? Clean up that collection of crumbs, dirt, and dust floating around your car too. With a hand vacuum, you don't need to drive to the car wash to vacuum your car. Crevice and brush tools help you give your seats a thorough cleaning. Choose a reparable cordless handheld vacuum that can go anywhere for tight spaces. Models with HEPA filters and UV lights can kill allergens and bacteria, leaving your furniture spotless and fresh. Emptying your bagless vacuum is a cinch too. Find the perfect hand vacuum now. Shop brands including Fuller Brush Co. and BISSELL®.