Steam Cleaners


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Get Your Home Sparkling Clean With a Steam Cleaner

If you’re looking to get rid of chemicals from your home but still want to make sure that your surfaces are clean enough to eat off of, steam cleaning is a great option. Throw out all those harsh chemicals and turn to the power of steam. Whether your home has wood floors, carpet, or tile, there’s a steam cleaner that’s perfect for keeping those floors sparklingly clean. On HSN, we have a range of steam cleaners from handheld to mops with long handles. We carry a variety of brands of steam cleaners at HSN. For handheld steam cleaners, you can purchase one from Bissell, Steamfast, Polti Vaporetto, or Ewbank. For a steam cleaner with a longer handle, which are easier to use on your floors, you can buy from brands such as H2O Mop, Black & Decker, Steamfast, and Polti Vaporetto. We also carry steam cleaners that will get your jewelry to shine like new. This high-pressure steam cleaner has a small basket where you place your jewelry. Then, press the button and a few minutes later, voila. Your jewelry sparkles and shines. Whatever your steam cleaner needs, at HSN, we have exactly that!