Specialty Cleaners


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Keep Your Space Fresh With the Right Home Cleaning Supplies for the Job

Home cleaning supplies are an essential purchase for any household. No matter how organized your home may be, you can't get that fresh feeling without the proper products in your home cleaning kit. Specialty cleaners give you concentrated power where you need it most, allowing you to put minimal time and effort into your regular cleaning tasks. When you're shopping for home cleaning supplies, you want to make sure you have the right items. At HSN, you'll find products that are carefully formulated for every need. Do you have pets in your home? Shop for pet cleaners that will keep stains and odors out of your carpet and upholstery so that no one will know you have a cat until your pet comes out to say hello. Use wood polish for gleaming surfaces, leather cleaner for long-lasting furniture, and specialty stainless steel formulas for sparkling kitchen appliances. You'll find products for grime that often goes overlooked. Refresh your washing machine, clean the depths of your drains, and ditch dusty shelves. Shop HSN for specialty cleaners that will meet all your needs from ceiling to floor cleaners. Create a home that's wonderfully welcoming even for the unexpected guest.