Brooms & Mops


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Clean Up without Cleaning Out Your Bank Account

Mops and brooms can get surprisingly expensive when you consider all the different surfaces of your home that need cleaning. One tool or device is never enough to clean it all. Whether you seek simple dustpan and broom sets, elaborate power surface cleaners, or anything in between, HSN has what you're looking for. Mopping the floor used to be a messy and complicated process, but thanks to today's spin mops, it's easier than ever. These handy mops can cover a much larger surface area in much less time, easily cutting your cleaning schedule in half. When you're using wet mops, look for the kind that can be wrung out without getting your hands dirty. If you have hardwood floors, you don't want to damage the surface with excess moisture. Dry mops are the key here. Choosing one with a microfiber refill ensures the static electricity will attract and lock in all the dust. Plus, you'll never have to clean your dry mop since the inserts are disposable. You may want to invest in a power surface cleaner. They use vacuum action to suck up the water and dirt so your hardwood and tile floors won't get ruined by standing water. It's a small price to pay to keep a floor worth thousands of dollars in top shape.