BISSELL® Steam Cleaners


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Bissell Steam Cleaners Eliminate Harmful Chemicals From Your Housekeeping

Life brings lots of messes along with it, and home cleaning appliances help us handle modern life. Nowhere collects more dirt and grime than the kitchen and the bathroom. But what if you're wary of using harsh chemical sprays or don't like the environmental impacts of using a bunch of cleaning wipes? Your solution lies in Bissell steam cleaners from HSN. The Bissell hard surface steam cleaners harness the power of ordinary tap water and turn it into steam, a powerful tool against built-up stains. If your bathroom is full of grout lines that don't seem to be the color they once were, Bissell steam cleaners can return them to their former glory, blasting away soap scum and mold and mildew, and get at the crevices in a way that only elbow grease and a strong cleaner once did. Kitchen countertops hold years of built-up food and dust in their corners and on the edges of the backsplash. The stove can be a science experiment of bits of all the delicious food you've cooked. The baseboards and floors behind appliances collect a lifetime of neglect. All of this cleaning is within your easy reach with Bissell steam cleaners.