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Feeling Fragrant and Alive Starts in the Bathtub

Finding refuge in your own home is as easy as stocking spa accessories in your bathroom. Turn on some music, retrieve your foot spa collection, and treat yourself. When you simply can't make it to the spa, HSN's home spa products give you everything you need to pamper yourself. Bath teas load the water with decadent aromas that melt your stress away with every breath you take. Don't settle for a no-name bottle of bubble bath and think you will step out of your tub feeling refreshed. Spruce up your late-night relaxation time with scents and textures that will provide an experience you won't forget. Trade in that worn washcloth for a colorful bath pouf or a back scrubber that opens your pores and allows for a deeper clean, which leaves you feeling like a million bucks. For those searching for the perfect present for the woman they love, make a splash with a gift that comes with a little alone time. Draw her up a bath with fizzers that infuse the water with a pulsing sensation, which will transport her to an expensive, luxurious venue for a fraction of the cost.