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Transform Your Bath Into a Spa

The busyness of modern life makes retreats to the spa a rarity. It's difficult to get away from all the demands of the 21st Century woman, but HSN has you covered. We'll bring the spa experience to your bathroom with an extensive collection of bath salts and scrubs. In addition to releasing aromas that soothe the mind, bath fizzers add a bubbly touch to a soak that transports you to your own personal Jacuzzi whenever life wears you down. The allure of turning your own bathroom into a convenient and affordable at home spa is just the tip of the iceberg. At home, you have the power to choose multiple exfoliant body scrubs so you can change your pampering routine to match your mood. You're sure to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world. Reproduce the effects of hot springs in the solitude of your tub with salts that will lift your spirits. Capture the aroma of eucalyptus or lavender while soaking up the minerals that will cleanse your skin, reduce inflammation, and ease pain from the long days in beautiful footwear. Being a woman isn't easy, but relaxing like royalty is as simple as splurging on some bath merchandise that will allow you to let your hair down and detoxify your body.