Sewing Notions & Trim


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Find the Tools and Trim You Need for Your Sewing Projects

You know that every sewing project requires special tools to help you put it together and unique trims to make it complete. You'll find a variety of sewing notions at HSN for all of your sewing needs. If you're looking to make it easier to create your projects, consider the variety of tools available. A cutting mat will help you get the exact lines and measurements you need, and disappearing ink markers will let you write on your fabric without worrying about stains. You can even find sewing kits that include all the tools you need to get started. If you're working off a sewing pattern but want to make your project more unique, consider adding some sewing trim for extra style and flair. You'll have no problems finding the type of trim you need to perfectly complement your project. Consider a crocheted trim to add a touch of whimsy or a classic feel, or opt for a trim that has chain or ball fringe to give your sewing projects some interesting movement. No matter what type of sewing notions you need, you'll find a nice variety when you shop at HSN.