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Discover a Variety of Scissors for All Your Sewing Needs

Whether you need sharp scissors for precise cuts or you want small sewing scissors for detail work, you can find the exact type of scissors you need when you shop at HSN. As you're sewing, you'll discover you need to make a variety of different cuts. Even though all-purpose scissors are handy for everything from cutting trim to slicing through fabric, you should consider buying a pair of thread snips to help you with those tiny cuts. These scissors come with a small head to make small trims. You can also find sewing shears in a variety of sizes. For your large projects, get a cutting mat to help you measure and keep your fabric straight. You can then use the 8-inch scissors for a smooth and clean cut. For more detailed cuts, consider choosing a pair of 4-inch scissors. Those who are left-handed can even find left-handed scissors specifically designed for better visibility, comfort, and accuracy when cutting. Planning your next project? If you need to stock your sewing box with a variety scissors for all the cuts you need to make, shop HSN's excellent selection.