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Save a Stitch in Time With a New Sewing Machine

It's one thing to darn a sock or sew on a button, but if you really know how to sew, then you need next-level tools. The ability to sew is an enviable skill. Once you know how to work a sewing machine, the world is your oyster—or your model. Even if you only work on linens or don't know how to do much more than hem clothing, it's a start. All you have to do is buy a machine that tells you what to do as you learn about patterns, stitches, and techniques. With the right machine and a few sewing books and tools, you'll have everything you ever need to become a seamstress. Worried about the cost of a high-quality machine? Ask about HSN's payment plans. There are different types of sew machines, so think about what techniques interest you. Do you adore embroidery? Learn to do it yourself on an embroidery machine. Consider purchasing a serger and open your mind to a world of even more sophisticated sewing methods. Browse through HSN's selection, and you'll discover quilting machines, retro-inspired models complete with bobbins, and adorable cartoon-themed sewing machines that are ideal for kids just getting interested in needles and thread.