Quilts & Bedspreads


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Quilts and Coverlets Change the Entire Vibe of the Bedroom

A cozy, beautifully appointed bedroom invites a sound night of sleep, lovely dreams, and relaxation. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, but that should ring true for every room in the house. Even visitors who sleep in your spare room should feel as if they have a place to center themselves. A detail as simple as a duvet coverlet can change the vibe as well as the aesthetic. In addition to being attractive, duvet covers are protective as well. They keep your bedding safe from spills, wrinkles, and pet hair. Coverlets do double duty in warmer weather when you can use them in place of bedspreads. Combat colder temperatures by layering the coverlet over warm, heavy blankets. Take the opportunity to complement your bedding set with a matching coverlet or pick out a duvet that contrasts but doesn't clash with your current comforter. Lightweight quilts and coverlets provide just enough weight without being too hot or bulky. There's something inherently cozy about a quilt, particularly in a charming patchwork pattern. Amp up the decor with a few decorative bed pillows. Give your bedroom a makeover without straying out of your budget. Shop HSN for quilts, bedspreads, and duvets in a range of colors, designs, and styles.