Portable Air Conditioners


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Stay Comfortable with a High-Quality Portable AC

Beat the heat this year with portable air conditioners from HSN. Whether you're relaxing at home, trying to get work done in the office, or entertaining guests, you want to stay cool and comfortable. Portable ACs from this collection are great for homes and offices that don't have central air or a good place for a window unit. Choose from a variety of designs, including units with extendable vent ducts, and evaporative designs that require no venting at all.

Find the proper output machine to chill your environment to your liking. In this selection, you'll discover portable AC units from today's most trusted brands. High-tech portable units from HSN are engineered to be quieter and use less energy than ever before. Don't dread the summer weather. From band practice in the basement to hosting a guest in the spare room, you'll be in charge of the temperature in your house with a portable air conditioning unit.