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Enjoy the Timeless Beauty of Cultured Pearl Necklaces

Sought after for centuries, pearls are the only gem created by a living creature. Oysters create pearls from an iridescent substance which produces a gorgeous shine and smooth texture. Oysters get a little help from people to create the cultured pearls used in classic jewelry pieces. Want instant sophistication? Reach for a simple white pearl necklace. Cultured pearls are grown in other colors too including yellow, pink, and black. Pearls look gorgeous when set in gold or sterling silver chains. Multicolor pearl necklaces look stunning with a solid color blouse or dress. Dress up your favorite skirts and suits with a double-row pearl necklace featuring sterling silver and gold links accented with shiny pearls. Add pizazz to simple sweaters with long pearl necklaces that add interest to simples styles. Single pearl necklaces add a touch of shine. Try a bypass necklace with sterling silver bars cradling one large perfect pearl. Need to add more sparkle to your look for a special night out? Wear a cluster pendant that alternates small pearls and clear CZ gemstones suspended on a sterling silver oval loop chain. Add timeless beauty to your jewelry case with pearls. Shop pearl necklaces now.