Patio Umbrellas & Outdoor Shades


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Patio Umbrellas Keep You Cool and Comfortable on Hot Summer Days

Enjoy gorgeous sunny days for hours without suffering from sun glare or a horrible sunburn. Stay safe from the sun's hot rays under a spacious patio umbrella. Choose from a variety of large patio umbrella sizes from 8 to 11 feet to fit your space and provide shade over your outdoor furniture. Choose colors and styles that match your patio decor. Colors include solid neutral tans, bold reds, and tranquil blues. For a fashionable look, consider an umbrella with fun stripes or a frilly valance. Crank levers and tilts functions let you quickly reposition your umbrella, keeping you cool as the sun's position changes through the day. Sturdy hardwood, aluminum, and polyester give you years of use. Vented canopies help protect your umbrella from damage on windy days. If you don't have enough room for a large outdoor umbrella, a half-round umbrella is a perfect solution. Now you're ready to relax in the shade on your terrace. You don't have to let a passing sun shower ruin your next barbecue, either. Your patio umbrella will keep you and your guests dry until the sun comes back out. Shop patio umbrellas now for cool coverage.