Painting Easels


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Find Your Inner Picasso With an Art Easel and Paints

An art easel is essential for any painter. Sure, you also need to outfit yourself with a variety of other tools, but an easel is as necessary as your paintbrushes and mixing tools. Merely resting your canvas or paper on a flat surface is uncomfortable and painful, but from an artistic perspective, it's even worse than that. You don't get the right angle when you look down. Painting easels provide perspective, which is essential for painting lovely landscapes and other realistic scenes. Even if your subjects are fantastical, perspective is a must. Choose from stand-alone easels and tabletop easels. Do you want something that you can use whether you're sitting or standing? Consider an adjustable canvas stand that moves with you. There are even portable options for easy transport, which is ideal for artists who want to sit in nature and paint an outdoor scene. You should go ahead and pick out paints and palettes, as well. Are you interested in oil painting or watercolor? That will affect your choice of easel. Painting is a rewarding, soothing hobby. Not only does it release stress, but you create something beautiful. Find all the paint supplies you'll ever need at HSN, including expert-level tools available with our monthly payments.