Immersion Blenders

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Kitchen Creations Abound With an Immersion Blender

Any foodie should have a stick blender in their kitchen. These handy devices are compact and versatile. Hand blenders make quick work of many recipes and don't require a lot of cleanup. Toss diced tomatoes, garlic, a jalapeño, cilantro, and onion in a deep bowl and turn on your stick blender for smooth, fresh salsa. Mix garlic, basil, parmesan cheese, and olive oil in a tall container for homemade pesto. Breakfast is a breeze when you mix pancake and waffle batter with your immersion blender in a pitcher with a spout. Hand blenders perfectly purée and mix fruits and veggies with almond milk or fruit juice for an energizing smoothie. Combine whole tomatoes with garlic and Italian seasoning and you've got hand-crafted tomato sauce. Our collection of stick blenders includes top brands like Braun, Phillips, and Cuisinart. Optional whisk, potato masher, and beater accessories can take your kitchen skills to the next level. Our immersion blender packs include the hand blender, whisks, plastic beakers, ice crushers, and more. Basic stainless stick blenders seamlessly blend into any decor where bright colors like cobalt blue, cherry red, or mint green add a pop of color. Shop our immersion blenders and start cooking like a pro!