Rice Cookers & Food Steamers


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Add a New Element of Cooking to Your Kitchen

Rice cookers and food steamers are commonly found in kitchens around the world — and for good reason. These gadgets isolate certain foods to cook them perfectly and without all the guesswork. In fact, some rice cookers have what's known as a fuzzy logic circuit to make perfect rice every time. Plus, despite their name, cookers can cook more than just rice, making them a versatile gadget to keep in the kitchen for those times you don't feel like cooking. Food steamers are another great buy for households of all kinds. All you have to do to steam food quickly and easily is place it into the unit and press a button. Food steamers can cook multiple portions at once, which is great for a large family that's trying to save time in the kitchen, but they work just as well for someone who lives on their own. Appliances like these help you cook healthy meals with a minimal amount of effort and prep work. Rice cookers and food steamers are available in a variety of configurations, which means you'll easily find the unit that suits your needs best. Find your next food steamer or rice cooker in this highly curated collection of quality countertop electronics at HSN.