Slow Cookers


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Slow and Easy Wins the Race

A slow cooker is a must-have for any kitchen. Here at HSN, you can select a basic budget-friendly model with a few simple settings, an advanced programmable digital model, or anything in between. Whatever your needs are, we have a slow cooker to match. Slow cookers are a great shortcut for working folks, busy families, and anyone else who wants a hot and healthy meal waiting for them when they get home. Simply load your slow cooker with meat and veggies, and your meal will be waiting for you right when you need it. Programmable slow cookers allow you to set a timer, so your food starts cooking at just the right time. They can cook your food to perfection and then switch to warming mode, so your vittles are never overcooked. Slow cookers are also handy for parties, potlucks, and big family dinners. They keep your dishes nice and warm throughout the event, with no risk of foodborne illnesses that arise from letting your food sit at room temperature. We offer a variety of multi-station buffet-style slow cookers to keep several different dishes ready to go. They're also perfect for dips, nacho cheese, and fondue.