Face Powder


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Creating Beautiful Faces Using a Palette of Powder Colors

The finishing touch to beautifully applied makeup is a smattering of delicate face powder to blend all areas of the face into a vision of perfection. With top brands of makeup powder at your disposal from HSN, selecting the perfect face powder to sculpt, illuminate, and contour your features is just a click away. Choose from a variety of types, colors, and makeup cases. Whether you prefer pressed, loose, finishing, translucent, hydrating, or setting face powder, you'll have what you need to complement your makeup style, skin tone, and preferred color. For your convenience, face powder is available in assorted options to suit your skin's needs such as makeup powder foundation created specifically for skin care. Select jars containing loose powder for home, a single color compact with a mirror and brush for on-the-go touch-ups, or a multi-colored compact to keep your makeup looking great when you're enjoying a night out on the town. Create your personal portrait with your face as the canvas to blend, highlight, and accentuate your facial features to the fullest. Visit HSN today to find your perfect color combination from a variety of face powder options.