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Turn Your Face into a Flawless Canvas with Quality Makeup Primers

Makeup primers are designed to prepare your face for the rest of your makeup products. Your primer smooths imperfections and evens your skin tone so you have a flat, flawless surface for the rest of your makeup. Though your primer doesn't have a role as obvious as eyeliner or lipstick, it plays an essential part supporting all the stars in your makeup routine. The right primer for makeup will make a dramatic difference in how the rest of your products go on. If you're looking for color correction, check out some of the tinted primer makeup products in our collection. Green soothes red undertones, while a peach hue will soften undereye dark circles or age spots. Lavender and yellow balance one another, so you can use a pale violet to combat yellow-hued skin or try a yellow primer to smooth purple veins. Untinted makeup primers and silicone gels offer all-purpose solutions for any skin tone. Whether you're going for a full face with foundation and blush, or you want something simple to complement a mascara-only look, the right primer will set the stage for success. Check out our collection at HSN.