Silver & Gold Dollar Coins


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Collectible Dollar Coins for Hobbyists and Investors

You enjoy nothing more than finding a rare coin that's eluded you for years. Perhaps you've always loved collecting coins as a hobby, or you're looking for the perfect gift for a friend who collects. With the great selection of dollar coins at HSN, your collection can now be complete. Whether it's a single gold dollar coin you need or it's a set that's caught your eye, we carry a wide variety of dollar coins to please serious hobbyists and investors alike. Rare, uncirculated coins can be extremely valuable. You might hold onto a silver dollar coin today and find out it's worth much more in the future. Even if you're the type of hobbyist who simply loves watching his or her collection grow, you'll find a lot to love in our select coin category. Presidential dollar sets featuring past leaders like John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan make unique gifts. Silver peace dollars and buffalo coins are more currency options that hobbyists look for. Appealing display options allow you to show off your finds in an inviting way. Shop HSN today for a single rare coin or buy an attractive set that will increase in value as the years go by.