Kennedy Half Dollar

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Add to Your Coin Collection With the Kennedy Half-Dollar

If you're looking for a unique coin to add to your collection, consider the silver Kennedy half dollar. This fifty-cent coin honors the late president with a striking design and is an essential part of every collection. In 1964, the United States Mint issued the first Kennedy half-dollar as a memorial to President John F. Kennedy. The coin showcases the left profile of Kennedy on the front and a modified presidential seal on the reverse. Today the Mint no longer makes the Kennedy half-dollar for general circulation, which makes this coin an excellent addition to any collection. The Kennedy half-dollar is a great coin to purchase as a gift. If you know someone who's just getting interested in coin collecting, this is an ideal coin to start with. History lovers will also appreciate the significance behind the coin. If you want to purchase the coin for yourself, you can find everything you need to complete your collection, from banker's rolls to proof sets. Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, the Kennedy half-dollar coin is a beautiful way to honor the president and grow a coin collection at the same time.