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Sculpt Personalized Designs With Pottery Clay and Tools

Bring your designs to life with pottery clay. Shop HSN for Super Sculpey polymer clay. This pottery clay doesn't dry out when its exposed to air. You can take your time and sculpt clay crafts including vases and jewelry. Super Sculpey comes in generous one pound brick. The clay is layered in flat pieces that are easy to separate and use. Super Sculpey is light peach in color. If you need different color clay for your project, try original Sculpey clay. You can also mix Sculpey clays together to create custom colors. Add clay to your kids' craft time. Don't forget to buy storage cases or bags for your clay and other art supplies. Professional pottery tools let you sculpt clay easily. Use a clay machine to flatten out the clay or add texture. Machines are made of sturdy stainless steel and resist rust. Rollers have non-stick surfaces so your clay won't get stuck inside the machine. Handles and clamps hold the machine firmly to the table while your working on clay crafts. Add embellishments to your clay crafts with a clay extruder. The extruder is an aluminum tube that you fit with different discs. Discs let you create letters, ribbons, and other shapes. Shop HSN for pottery clay and tools now.