Glass Art


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Make Moving Glass Art and Mosaics With Kits From HSN

Stained glass art is gorgeous, and it's a fun crafting project that's good for beginners and experienced crafters alike. If you're brand-new to this medium, stained glass kits are a fantastic way to get started. Kits come with the glassware ready to go, so all you have to worry about is painting the piece and finding a place to proudly display it in your home. For a more challenging experience, you'll need to tools to score, cut, and treat glass as well as art supplies to decorate. Find this equipment and essentials like adhesive remover on HSN. In addition to stained glass kits, you can try your hand at glass and stone art using mosaic tile kits. Though stained glass and mosaic tiles are similar, mosaic work can use glass tiles, stone, or another material. In general, mosaics are also less transparent than stained glass and use dozens of smaller tiles or pieces of glass or stones in a composition. Browse the selection of mosaic kits to try out this craft, or pick out a pack of tiles or stones and use the glue and other materials from past projects to make your own mosaics.