Aquamarine Jewelry


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Fall in Love with Sparkling Aquamarine Jewelry from HSN

It’s hard to feel blue when wearing dazzling aquamarine jewelry from HSN. Find elegant women’s aquamarine jewelry in designer looks by Deb Guyot, Jay King, Bali and more. Transformed into wearable art, these striking natural gemstones compliment a variety of unique jewelry pieces available every day at HSN. The ideal gift for March birthday girls, aquamarine stirs dreams of tranquil waters and tropical lagoons. Tales say that aquamarine gemstones provide mental clarity to whoever chooses to wear it. The cool combination of aquamarine jewelry paired with diamonds creates a stunning jewelry that is forever chic and timeless. Aquamarine is commonly set in sterling silver, or stunning white gold, and possesses excellent clarity. Large cuts of aquamarine gemstones are alluringly distinctive and will stand the test of time. The style possibilities are endless with beautiful and striking aquamarine jewelry. Because aquamarine gemstones are neutral, they will look great with just about any outfit you own. Aquamarine jewelry has a relatively high hardness scale and is durable enough to be worn every day. If you're looking for that perfect gift, or if you simply love stunning pieces of pale blue jewelry, you can’t go wrong with aquamarine at HSN.