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Capture the Beauty of the Ocean With an Aquamarine Ring

As enchanting as plunging into a beautiful pool of clear blue water, aquamarine stones invite you to fall under the spell of their beauty. Derived from the Latin term “water of the sea,' the stone is thought to have calming and relaxing properties. Sailors of yore believed that aquamarine were treasures from mermaids, and they carried the stones with them for good luck. Generally known for its crystal-clear blue color, aquamarine also ranges in color from dark blue to bluish green. The crystal formation of aquamarine lends itself to larger cuts and is perfect in ring and pendant settings. Do you have someone special in your life who was born in March? An aquamarine ring from HSN would be the perfect gift for her, as aquamarine is the birthstone of March. Aquamarine is thought to be healing to the throat area, so wearing a beautiful aquamarine necklace around your neck may help you to sing as sweet as a bird. Pair your ring with a bracelet set with aquamarine stones, and you will create a look any mermaid would envy. Capture the essence of the sea wearing a beautiful aquamarine ring from HSN.