Beekman 1802 Fresh Air Goat Milk Hand Cream Duo

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  • Nice, (Sparklefreak MD)

    My mother's favorite flowers were lilacs, so i bought this to remind me of her. The handcream works well, so I am pleased with that. However the fragrance is barely noticeable.

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  • Love the handcream......, (12minnie WI)

    The handcream is awesome and I've been using for several years. The 4 stars is because of the scent. I like lavender so wanted to try this but there is practically no scent at all so won't be buying this scent again. I'll stick with the plain Goat Milk or fresh air scent.

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  • A little off , (SharaK2024abc GA)

    Both the consistency and scent are a little off. I got the vanilla absolute and its just not as nice as I had hoped. The cream is very thin, so it isnt like a rich cream I was expecting.

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  • Five Piece hand cream set, (reader17 NJ)

    I bought two of these collections to use as gifts since the price was good. The scents are niced and subtle, but I think the hand cream itself was a little "loose" for the hands. The recipients liked them, but I think they are more like body cream than hand cream.

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  • Its pretty good, (runforfun118 TN)

    The smell is nice and not overpowering. This formula seems kind of watery to me but it works pretty good for a moisturizer. Im not blown away like I had hoped but Ill keep this! Nice size to keep in a purse or bag.

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  • The best hand cream, (Blackie126 NY)

    Would have given it 5 stars but because its hard to finish all of the product, I gave it 4. This is much better in the pump bottle. Lets hope you have it available by itself I also prefer the non scent. Love your soaps as well. Thanks for good products.

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  • Love the Goat Milk , (earlgrey MS)

    I like the goat milk hand creams, but some fragrances are better than others. Actually, Fig is my favorite and it was not in this selection. At the price this gave me a chance to try some of the other fragrances. I put cream on my hands every time I wash, which is quite often. I also keep one in my handbag, and my husband also uses it.

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  • Not sure , (Mom27451 MI)

    Ive only gotten it a week ago, so not sure if the benefits are there.Its easy to use and goes on smoothly.Im hoping it does what they claim.

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  • Floral, (Jilliann6 CT)

    Love this Beekman hand cream. This is my first order of this product.. I suffer from very dry cracked hands in the winter months and have tried everything. This winter being very warm and mild it is hard to judge but I did like the way it soaked into my hands without leaving any type of film. I did not feel I had to immediately wash my hands which happens with so many. Only complaint was the smell. I had never ordered the Ylang in Beekman and too flowery - Not for me!

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  • Like it, (chailover OH)

    I order all of the body creams in this vanilla. The hand cream works great, but the scent is very different than the body cream. I dont get it, because theyre both Vanilla Absolute.

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  • Love the Lavender...., (KarrieannCali CA)

    I love the lavender scent but there is something slightly different about this hand cream scent vs the facial wipes scent. Like the facial wipes smell a little better. Maybe it is a batch thing. I will continue to try other lavender products to see which are the keepers.

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  • Hand cream Duo, (CEng6 NY)

    Again I was hesitant on scent but gave in on the Apricot Honey Tea...little strong but like how it feels on. I still prefer unscented the best but I can mix it to lighten it.

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  • beekman lotion, (redskinsfan VA)

    the smell is amazing and goes on non greasy like they said. wish the size was bigger and the scent last just a little bit longer. but all in all a good product it was my first time trying it

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  • Disappointed in size!, (snoopy214 IL)

    I love the lotion, but disappointed in the reduced size of the packaging, only 2oz.

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  • LOVE BEEKMAN, (Bama22 AL)

    I love all things Beekman!! Beekman head to toe. My first introduction to Beekman products was the hand cream. I have been hooked ever since. The sweet grass is a nice subtle fragrance, however, Honey Grapefruit, Honey Orange Blossom are my favs. I got this for my nephew who likes Beekman as well. I am Beekman head to toe.

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