Beekman 1802 Fresh Air Goat Milk Hand Cream Duo

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  • More Dream than Lilac, (jsm9327 IN)

    The formula itself is lovely but the lilac scent is not what I was hoping for--more dream than lilac. I exchanged it for another scent.

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  • Sent too strong, (IdahoAC ID)

    I had really hoped to love this but the sent is way too strong, and isn't close to the lilacs that grow in Idaho

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  • Great hand cream but.., (SA-RI RI)

    I love this hand cream but the Vanilla Absolute smelled different than my other ones I have received. It smelled awful. I cancelled my autoship.

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  • Not scent for me, (moose54 MN)

    I like the lotion as it absorbs in the skin but the scent was disappointing. Luckily it doesn't last long. Will cancel auto ship.

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  • Love, (Flamingo-70 SC)

    I have purchased this product twice. Not going to again. Love the smell only.

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  • Good cream, BUT...!!!, (dedeinthecountry WI)

    Okay, yes, I love many Beekman products, and have used the hand cream in Lavender and loved it. So I got this one, but the scent is overwhelming and stinky fake floral! Sorry boys, but I gave this away to a new home. The cream itself is but light, absorbs yet stays and protects. I will stick with Lavender or Pure.

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  • Nothing Special, (lillyandchloe NC)

    Nothing special in the scent. I gave three stars b/c I love how beekman products soap into the skin and do not leave my skin greasy. I would recommend the yalang and yalang or honey orange scents.

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  • Worth trying but not for me., (FRENCHinJERSEY NJ)

    As with anything with fragrance, for some a favorite but for me a deal breaker. Would not buy this again, but remain a strong fan of most items in the product line. Glad my purchase was minimal this time.

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  • ? On the Scent, (lakesb AR)

    This hand cream has no hint of rose. Somewhat strange. The creaminess is there. It does leave hands soft. Some time back I got a special price on six 2 ounce tubes of different scents. I thought, perfect, I can see which one I like.Was not turned on by any scent.The Vanilla Absolute, which has been well received was runny and brown. More like oil. About the only scent I have liked in this line was the Apricot and Honey. Love the facial wipes in that scent.

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  • No, (moussy NY)

    Didnt like the fragrance, returned

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  • Nice lotion but scent is different, (Farmgirl24 OR)

    This hand cream is nice and has a pleasant scent but it doesn't smell like the other Honey & Orange blossom that I've received in the whipped body cream tubs. I LOVE the scent of the whipped body cream & I don't think I would buy this again.

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  • It's the fragrance, (Edwyna MA)

    Fresh Air is the Beekman "high end" scent; it's very nice. The hand cream's primary ingredients, however, are water, two different "alcohols", and fragrance; goat milk is 9th in the list of ingredients. The hand cream is light and quickly absorbed, but truth in labeling is needed to build trust among customers. Many of the "goat milk" products from Beekman use only a tiny percentage of goat milk in them; I suspect I will not reorder.

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  • good, (pinky913 TX)

    These are okay. They do the job but so does my cheaper stuff from walmart. I love the smell of this. It's watery but still works. However, I don't think I would buy again because it is too expensive and other stuff works just as well.

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  • Not my favorite Beekman product, (Kim54 MD)

    I use many Beekman products incl. body cream, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, etc. I tried this hand cream and am not as impressed with it as the other products which is why I only give it 3 stars.

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  • A little thin, (Sandi189 CA)

    I love the Apricot Honey Tea fragrance but the lotion is thin. If you're not careful it will slide right off your hand before you get a chance to rub it in (that happened, right on my top). I would order the body cream next time because I like this fragrance. I

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