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Don't Be Fooled by Their Appearance. Wedges Are Surprisingly Comfortable.

Women love shoes. Your entire closet is probably occupied by this one accessory, and wedges are no stranger to our collections. Sandal wedges are downright comfortable and are the way to go dressy if you're not a stiletto girl — and who is, really? Wedges are a comfy yet classy complement to summer weddings or brunch with friends. Don't worry about grabbing a backup pair of flats to stow in your purse; you'll be on stable ground while still flaunting the pretty, long and leggy look of a heel. Their versatility makes it possible to wear wedge sandals with almost anything from jeans to mini skirts to any length of shorts. Comfort and chic style merge in a look that is simple and available in a ton of colors and designs, such as open toe, pumps, and platform sandal wedges. Height completely depends on how big your pain threshold is, and if you're adventurous, wedges up to 4 inches high are available Shop the huge selection and latest styles of wedge sandals at HSN, where you are sure to find sandal wedges you'll love for every occasion. HSN has the perfect wedge sandals, from strappy to subtle, to complete any summer outfit.